at home in the garden

For years I’ve been a gardener without roots, so my garden consisted of potted peripatetics. This summer though, I’m planning to plant some into Derbyshire soil. Others will remain contained for a new kind of potted garden. Watch this space!

I’d lost track of how many plants I have, those that failed to materialize or those I pushed into over-optimistic places against all their inclinations. This blog is designed to set the record straight and keep it so!

What’s on in The Potted Garden

Some Movement in May

The month of May, And the spring comes slowly up this way ~ Coleridge After one of the coldest Aprils, this month is loaded with sunny expectation but so far, has mostly chucked buckets of rain in strong, chilly winds. Still it’s early days and I am soon heading South for a welcome 2-week break, […]

Here come the Hostas

Hosta hybrids – perfect for shade or Japanese style gardens