The way through the woods

Feeling stir crazy during the cold but dry days of late January and early February, I set out to clear a way through the woods which runs from a clearing at the back of the greenhouse, halfway down a long tree-covered slope where it meets my daughter’s woodland and eventual brook.

I had mentioned this briefly in my post ‘the gardener’s stirrings‘ but want to document it in more detail, to remind myself of the effort involved, the design and planting ideas that came into being whilst working here as well as the discoveries made on the way.

a challenging task ahead!

As is evident from the above, there was no way through this part of my garden, only an unstable angled path of sorts covered in ivy and sloping treacherously down on the right to the surrounding woodland.

It was a challenging task but with daily bites at it with mattock, shears, spade and loppers I managed to clear, level and compact the ground and create some sort of access. I also cut decaying branches and small trees and put in dead hedges and some rough wood fences to mark the boundary edges.

As is so often the case when working in my garden, one of the first obstructions I encountered during the path construction was a pile of large stones just beyond the greenhouse. They were too big for me to lift out alone but in amongst them was an evergreen bush which needed relocating. During the digging up process, I uncovered a concrete goose head, severed at the neck with the body nowhere visible.

Further into the trees, the steep slope necessitated cutting some steps down. In time, these will be properly secured with timber and pegs. And to the left of the these, I fashioned a roughly stepped recess area with just enough room to fit a small bench. It will have to be rustic to blend in with the rest of the surrounds, including a woven screen which I’ve recently begun.

Taking stock of this part of the garden once cleared it becomes evident that there are now two further planting areas – that nearest the greenhouse is essentially a woodland clearing and so I’ll continue the Japanese theme here with appropriate style plants and one or two small trees on the boundary edge. Beyond it, I’ve plans to put a gate with entry to my small woodland, planted with seeds and bulbs and a small native hedge on its boundary.

on the mend

Besides the property’s boundary hedge here is a parallel wire fence and the space between is full of wood and garden detritus. Ferreting for pieces to fill gaps in the hedge, I uncovered the body of the goose! So with Milliput and jubilee clip, I did the necessary restoration as it evidently belongs in my garden!

Take a scrolling view through the woodland path construction

6 thoughts on “The way through the woods

  1. What a fine find – a goose must surely bring all manner of good omens (if not golden eggs) for your enterprise, Laura. And to be fixed with a jubilee clip no less. Marvellous. Happy constructing!

    1. thank you Tish – another construction post in the making actually! I was pleased with the goose – the Milliput is holding well but am keeping the jubilee clip there for the time being as it looks good!

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