Apple Geranium

bright green foliage that is soft to the touch with the most delicious apple scent!

Norfolk Herbs

Pelargonium odoratissimum
aka nutmeg Geranium
  • evergreen perennial
  • low-growing bushy species Pelargonium.
  • rounded, apple-scented, light green leaves
  • star-shaped white flower with red vein
  • trailing stems
  • late Spring to summer
  • frost tender

H 0.5m
W 1m

Full sun


Info: Reniformia group, recognizable by the distinct flower and leaf shapes. Species within this group have a higher tolerance to cold if kept dry. A popular species first introduced in 1724. L Heritier. In South Africa grows in woodland and shaded places [Wootens of Wenhasten]

Notes: Puchased 2017. Have usually brought in doors for winter but kept in polygreen house in winter 2020 – cut back early Spring. Struggled to make a comeback at first but thrived and flowered well into early Autumn