Apple ‘Worcester Pearmain’ mini M27

 well-known early-season English apple, noted for its strawberry-like flavours.

Malus domestica ‘Worcester Pearmain’
  • deciduous apple tree
  • miniature M27 rootstock
  • vigorous, upright growth
  • pink scented flowers in spring
  • sweet, crisp edible crimson fruit
  • late summer to mid-autumn
  • partially self-fertile
  • spur fruiting

H 180 cm
S 180 cm

full sun


Info: One of the most famous garden apple trees of all, 1800’s St Johns Worcester. Believed to be a seedling of Devonshire Quarrenden. Worcester is the predominant second early apple.

Notes: Purchased September 2022 CRJ fruit trees. Remember this apple from childhood in an aunt’s garden – always my favourite fruit.