Azalea ‘Irohayama’

Azalea evergreen ‘Irohayama’
aka rhododendron ‘Irohayama’ (kurume)
  • evergreen shrub
  • low, spreading habit
  • small, mid-green leaves
  • trumpet-shaped flowers
  • white edged with mauve blooms
  • mid to late spring

H 60cm
S 60cm

full sun
part shade


Notes: Purchased February 2023 from Burncoose Nurseries for the Japanese woodland garden

Info: Originates from Japan. One of the 50 Kurume hybrids collected by Ernest Wilson 1917. This was No. 8, called ‘Dainty’. The Kurume hybrid azaleas of Japan owe their parentage to several species of mountain azaleas, predominantly R. sataense with R. kiusianum

Advice: Shallow planting is essential. Mulch annually with leafmould in early spring