Bleeding Heart ‘Valentine’

arching flower stems above ferny foliage adorned with dangling, heart-shaped, rich scarlet-red flowers with protruding white petals

laprocapnos spectabilis ‘valentine’
Formerly Dicentra Spectabilis
aka Dutchman’s breeches
  • recent introduction from USA
  • vigorous, plum-coloured shoots in Spring
  • dark grey-green ferny foliage
  • arching stems scarlet-red, heart shaped flowers
  • dies back in summer

H 2-3′
W 2-3′

full sun to part shade

moist soil

Nothing conjures a ‘bleeding heart’ so much as this red and white cultivar. Purchased in April 2019 and doing well. Located in a hottish spot of the ‘Salvia Celebrations‘ planter -it dies back in summer as the Salvias come to the fore but I do not let the soil dry out.