Cliff-dwelling Stonecrop ‘Lidakense’

alpine stonecrop with blue-green leaves, flushed purple and deep pink star flowers

Hylotelephium cauticola ‘Lidakense’
~ was Sedum cauticola ‘Lidakense’
  • deciduous perennial succulent
  • rounded, fleshy, purple-flushed, blue-green leaves
  • trailing stems of terminal flower clusters
  • star-shaped, rose-pink blooms
  • early autumn flowering
  • winter die-back

H 20cm
S 40cm

full sun


Notes: Purchased Spring 2021 for a spare pot in the succulent potagerie. It is native to Hokkaido, Japan, where it grows along cliffs (‘cauticola’ means that), making this a most apt purchase for the Japanesque garden.