Corydalis ‘Purple Leaf’

Elegant, lacy green leaves with a purple blotch, and upright stems of dangling tubular blue flowers

Corydalis flexuosa ‘Purple Leaf”blue dragon’
  • hardy deciduous perennial
  • compact mounds of purple-bronze ferny foliage
  • spikes of scented blue flowers
  • Spring to early summer
  • summer dormant

30 x 30 cm

shade to part shade

moisture retentive soil

C. Flexuosa originated in woodland and mountainous areas of China.

Purchased 05.19 – Felley Priory Gardens. Flowered beautifully in the following Spring but had to water regularly as tends to dry out quickly in small pot.

Remarks: I first encountered this plant in a Worcestershire garden, a decade or so ago and put it on my virtual wishlist. It has lived up to all my expectations.