Bellis perennis
aka lawn daisy; ENGLISH daisy

a perennial herbaceous plant with rosettes of small spoon-shaped leaves that grow flat to the ground.
The flowerheads are in the form of a pseudanthium -consisting of many sessile flowers white ray florets and yellow disc florets.

Plant lore:
Daisy probably refers to Day’s Eyes given that it closes at sundown! The Latin name most likely derives from bellus – pretty rather than bellis battle (though lawn perfectionists do battle with it)! Daisy is also known as ‘bruisewort’ and ‘bone flower’ for its inferred herbal properties:

Topical Use: for aches, pains and strains (like arnica – a type of daisy that grows in the Alps). As well as wounds and bruises
Edible Use: Both leaves and flowers as a salad or flowers (fresh or dried) made in to a tea

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