Holly olive ‘Goshiki’

Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Goshiki’
aka Variegated Holly-leaf osmanthus
  • slow-growing evergreen shrub
  • compact and rounded
  • oval, spiny, holly-like, cream-marbled, dark green leaves
  • flushed pink or bronze when young,
  • clusters of small, fragrant flowers from late summer into autumn.

H 1.5m
W 1.5m

Full sun to part shade

Moist well-drained

Purchased 2021 mail order from Gardening Express for the Japanese potted garden. Grew this plant in London garden but did not take cuttings. Never noticed any blooms probably because it was growing in dry shade so will look out for the flowers which tend to be hidden by the foliage.

Origins: Native to Japan. ‘Goshiki’ means 5 colours in reference to the variegation