Hydrangea ‘yae-no-amacha’

Hydrangea serrata ‘yae-no-amacha’
  • deciduous shrub
  • compact, bushy
  • serrated ovate dark green foliage
  • lacecap heads of double pink or blue
  • whitish sterile florets
  • blooms June-July onwards

H 1.2m
S 1.2k

part shade


Notes: Purchased Burncoose Nurseries February 2023 for the ‘Second Sight’ shrubbery bed as companion to H.serrata ‘kiyosumi’

Info: A Japanese hydrangea meaning ‘double sweet pea’ (1960 S.Tada). Foliage from Hydrangea serrata (Amacha group) dried and used for tea.’ Amacha’ is Japanese for ‘sweet tea’