Japanese spindle ‘Microphyllus Pulchellus’

cheerful, variegated foliage of vibrant green suffused with yellow-gold edging

Euonymus japonicus ‘Microphyllus Pulchellus’
aka Euonymus japonicus ‘Microphyllus Aureus’
  • evergreen shrub
  • dense and compact upright stems
  • small, lance-shaped leathery foliage
  • glossy dark green leaves with yellow margins
  • insignificant green flowers in late spring

H 3ft
S 3ft

full sun
part shade


Info: Dense compact growth makes this shrub ideal for hedges or border edgings. Latin annotation means small leaved and pretty!

Notes: Purchased Burncoose Nurseries Nov 22 as hedging for the pondside raised edge of the Japanesque garden