Japanesque Garden

The garden is situated behind a single storey domicile with a high mixed native hedge all along the East border. It is half raised level, and half sloping to the west.

The level is gravelled and triangulated by 3 Shrubbery beds. These are named ‘First’, ‘Second’ and ‘Far sight’ ‘according to how they are viewed on first entering the garden. Stone steps separate the first two. A greenhouse backs on to the Far shrubbery bed (to be) occluded by a timber sunburst screen.

Unlinked plants = wishlist; blue linked ones = resident ( detailed in separate pages)

Two metal trellises partition the Gravel Garden approximately one third along, and create a pathway between them. The trellises will feature potted plants; perennials for seasonal interest with one or two trees* or shrubs for structure. (The potted trees will eventually be planted elsewhere when they grow too big). To the right of these is a small pond and garden area backing on to one side of a Teahouse styled gazebo:

Beyond here the garden slopes steeply away on the righ, with a cascade and rockery beds either side. The Teahouse gazebo overlooks these and a small paved path runs in front with a drier, sunnier edging area lying above the cascade gardens

To the left of the Teahouse, the garden slope is further divided into two terraces, with stone steps separating vegetable beds and a small fruit garden.

Top Terrace

Lower Terrace

On the south side lies the Woodland Garden divided between a Japanese and English planting style.