Kiyosumi Mountain Hydrangea

 distinctive Japanese lacecap with pale pink blooms edged with red above burgundy-tinted foliage 

hydrangea serrata ‘Kiyosumi’
aka Hydrangea serrata ‘Pulchra’; Hydrangea serrata ‘Kiyosumi-sawa’
  • deciduous shrub
  • compact, bushy, growth
  • prominently-veined, dark green leaves,
  • maroon-flushed when young
  • white flowers with pink or red edges
  • midsummer to early autumn.

H 1.5 m
W 1.5 m

full sun to part shade

moist well-drained soil

Info: from the mountainous woodlands of Japan’s Mt Kiyosumi

Notes: One of my favourite plants that I grew in London garden but left it behind without taking a cutting so re-ordered from Brighton Plants 2020. Did well in pot but planted in the Japanese garden Autumn 2022