the gardener

Laura Bloomsbury ~ I’m a keen gardener with more than enough years behind me to have mastered most of the basics and still with much more to do and learn.

[and in the virtual world I’m poet and photograher @ PoetryPix]

I continue to use the epithet of ‘Bloomsbury’, which is where in London I lived and gardened for a quarter of a century. Partly in a woodland garden where containerized plants were a must and partly for a small shady courtyard which I designed and grew from the most unpromising of basics!

March 2019: A move North to South Yorkshire, after having sold many plants and left others behind. Even so I still had a significant assortment of potted plants and trees and these I dotted around a spacious North facing, walled garden.

December 2019: Another house move. A much smaller rental property so the potted garden was slotted into a south-facing, pocket-sized gravelled area. Just enough space to accommodate all plants with room for very few more.

July 2021: Taking root in Derbyshire with plants in tow. After much landscaping, some to be moved into a Japanesque garden at the back and others to the woodland beyond. Here on the front dais will be a potted cottage garden style.