meet the gardener

Laura Bloomsbury

[In the virtual world I’m
poet & photographer
@ PoetryPix]

I still call myself by the epithet of where in London I lived and gardened for a quarter of a century.

In March 2019, I moved North to South Yorkshire, bringing with me a significant assortment of potted plants and trees. These I dotted around a spacious walled garden and was pleased to see that all plants had survived the journey and enjoyed a wonderful summer.

In December 2019 I moved house again into a much smaller rental property. My potted garden was slotted into a pocket-sized gravelled area. Just enough space to accommodate all my plants with room for just a few extras.

July 2021: I’m settling down in Derbyshire and have brought many of my potted plants with me. Watch this space as I turn a neglected garden space into a well-ordered Japanese style garden!