Pear ‘Conference’ dwarf Quince C

An award-winning variety, Conference Pear trees are a great choice for less favourable Northern positions. 

Pyrus communis ‘Conference’
  • deciduous pear tree
  • miniature Quince C rootstock
  • white flowers in spring
  • long, slender, dessert fruits
  • green russet skin
  • Late September-October harvest
  • self-fertile

H 180cm
S 150 cm

full sun

moist well-drained

Info: In 1885, a conference was held in England to promote the cultivation of pears on home soil. More than 600 pears were presented but this one variety stood out. Thomas Francis Rivers, who bred the variety, selected it from open-pollinated seedlings of the mother variety ‘Léon Leclerc de Laval’. The pear has been on the market since 1894 

Notes: This is my favourite pear and one I eat virtually all year round since it stores well. Purchased September 2022 CRJ Fruit trees