Photinia ‘Louise’

fabulous new form of variegated Photinia in shades of pink with several flushes throughout the season

Photinia x fraseri ‘Louise’
aka Christmas berry ‘Louise’
  • evergreen shrub or small tree
  • upright compact growth
  • lance-shaped, leathery foliage
  • young red leaves with pink margins
  • mature grey-green with creamy margins
  • panicles of small white flowers in Spring,
  • occasionally red fruit.

H 2m
S 2m

part shade


Info: Photinia x fraseri is a hybrid of P. glabra (from Japan) and P. serrulata (now P. serratifolia) (from China). Photinia ‘Louise’ was found in Scotland and named after the daughter of the founder of the plant 

Notes: Purchased November 2022 Burncoose nursery for the potted cottage front garden. Bought as replacement for H. serrata ‘Kiyosumi’ (now planted in the back Japanesque style garden) which also has red leaves in Spring and Autumn!