Rose scented Pelargonium

Scented-leaved pelargonium with attractive rose aroma and a delightful display of tiny mauve-pink blooms in late summer

Pelargonium Grandeur odorata rose
  • evergreen tender perennial
  • spreading sub-shrub
  • grey-green lobed leaves, rose-scented
  • sturdy stems bearing flower umbels
  • pale to mid-pink free flowering blooms
  • mid-summer onwards
  • frost tender

H 0.4m
W 0.3 m

full to part sun


Notes: Purchased 2020. Over-wintered in poly greenhouse and cut back (too severely) in early Spring but late frosts almost killed it. Struggled back to life but by summer in full leaf and flower again. Winter 2022 lost the parent plant even in the greenhouse but all 4 cuttings survived!