Snake Plant ‘Mikado’

dark green rod like leaves with paler light green striping

Sansevieria fernwood Mikado
Dracaena bacularis ‘Mikado’

aka witches fingers, cylindrical snake plant
  • evergreen perennial succulent
  • upright compact hybrid
  • fountain like growth Mikado varieties
  • long, slender leaves mottled with dark and light greens
  • frost tender

H 1.7m
S 30cm

full to part sun


Notes: Purchased 2019 for my windowsill succulent garden – growing well behind South facing kitchen window. April 2021 repotted in cactus compost and split off some offshoots to give away.

Info: from the Latin word baculum meaning rod or stick.
These plants use CAM photosynthesis, Crassulacean Acid Metabolism meaning they absorb carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen during the night.