Spring Starflower ‘Wisley Blue’

star-shaped blooms of pale silvery-blue to lilac over strappy onion scented leaves

Ipheion uniflorum ‘Wisley Blue’
  • deciduous bulbous perennial
  • low growing and clump forming
  • tufts of narrow ‘onion scented’ leaves
  • lilac-blue, star-shaped blooms
  • slightly fragrant
  • spring flowering
  • summer dormant

H 0.15m
S 0.15m

full sun
dappled shade


Notes: Spring 2021. Purchased 2 pots of bulbs ‘in the green’ from local Yorkshire WI . Potted for the Cottage Garden

Comments: Have a sentimental attachment to these flowers as was given some by a gardener in Sawbridgeworth, Essex when on a walk with Martin several years ago. The bulbs were planted in our London garden and left behind