Sulphur Clover

Trifolium ochroleucon
  • a wild native clover
  • clumping, herbaceous perennial
  • alternate, trifoliate leaves
  • large creamy-white flower heads
  • June & July

H 0.8 m
W 1 m

dappled to full sun

well-drained chalk or loam

Info: a Nationally Scarce plant in the wild with a last stronghold in parts of Suffolk.
“sulphur clover is now very localized, hanging on in small pockets of grassland which have escaped nutrient enrichment or fertilizer run-off. Many of its former strongholds on verges have now been taken over by grasses which thrive in the nutrient rich conditions” Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Notes: Purchased this a few years ago. Brought with me from London and doing quite well in pot but summer 2020 it did not bloom & died back a bit. ? mildewed. Plant repotted in coir pot with ‘dragons blood’ clover etc. Summer 2021 blooming again!