Sweet box ‘Purple Stem’

pink tinged, deliciously scented white flowers shiny on deep green foliage

Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna Purple Stem
aka Himalayan sweet box ‘Purple Stem’
  • evergreen shrub
  • upright, dense growth
  • ovate, glossy, dark green leaves
  • tiny, scented pink-tinged white flowers
  • late winter into spring,
  • black fruit in summer and autumn.

H 0.5 m
W 0.5 m

part shade

moist, well-drained

Notes: A cutting from my London garden. It is the most upright and elegant of the Sarcococca species but late spring 2022 planted alongside other 2 Sarcococca varieties to provide a screened hedge of winter foliage and flower at entrance to the Japanesque garden