Thrift: Armada White

An old-fashioned cottage garden favourite. Makes a neat clump of evergreen foliage with white pom-pom flowers tinged pink.

Armeria maritima
aka Sea Thrift ‘Armade white’; Sea Pink ‘Armada white’
  • evergreen
  • stiff grass-like leaves
  • round clusters of white flowers
  • spring to summer
  • drought tolerant

H 0.2m
S 0.3m

full sun


Purchased 03.20 Stringers garden centre. Flowered profusely.
Spring 2021 Given a haircut & removal of any decayed leaves and potted on with Armeria ‘ballerina’ and miniature Dianthus.

I first noticed pink Sea Thrift growing wild along the Suffolk coast. Also remember visiting a cemetery with it growing across many of the graves – pretty without being morbid. This is a gentle memory of those times.