Volcanic Sorrel ‘Zinfandel’

handsome burgundy clover-like foliage is topped by delicate, bright yellow flowers from late Spring onwards

Oxalis vulcanicola ‘Zinfandel’
  • tender perennial /annual
  • trailing, mound-forming
  • succulent, red-flushed stems
  • small dark clover like leaves
  • deeper burgundy in sunnier spots
  • small, single, yellow flowers
  • from mid-spring to early autumn
  • protect from frost

H 11″
S 12″

part-to full sun, shade tolerant

moist well-drained

Notes: Have grown & loved this plant in past London garden. April 2020 purchased 6 plug plants for several locations – one or two in individual pots to bring in to sunnier locales for comparison with the shadier sited plants.
Overwinter in the greenhouse