Zebra Plant

Haworthiopsis fasciata
was hawthoria
  • tender evergreen succulent perennial
  • thick leaves that form in rosettes
  • dark green with white horizontal Zebra-like stripes
  • slender tapering shape with small spikes on the edges
  • small tubular pink or white blooms on long stem
  • summer flowering.

H 4″
S 6-8″

full sun
part shade


Care: Water sparingly only when the soil is dry. Feed 1 months in growing season. In the wild they are a clump forming so they will still thrive if several in the same container.

Notes: Purchased 2019 for what was then my ‘aquarium’ succulent garden – now kept on sunny west-facing windowsill. Had overwatered slightly so repotted April 2021and removed 2 or 3 ‘pups’ to pot on.