The Plans

The Japanesque garden: Most of the garden lies behind the Annexe on a raised level with a West facing slope. Before any planting can be done there needs to be several hard landscaping alterations and additions that include:

  • adjust and equalize the risers on the steps up to the raised lawn
  • renovate a dilapidated green house on the south side adjacent to the woodland
  • build and pave a level platform for the greenhouse to stand on
  • construct 2-3 wooden steps down to the willow boundary hedge on the North side
  • construct a wooden platform over a steep gap by the willow boundary hedge
  • create a pre-formed bog/marsh garden adjacent to this platform as overflow for a cascade
  • after clearance, cut two temporary terraces into the rockery slope
  • build paved steps from the side of the greenhouse & down to the willow boundary hedge on the south side
  • lay paving along the mixed boundary hedge on the east side
  • construct a water cascade with fernery in the rockery slope with ponds above and below
  • wall the two temporary terraces in rockery slope
  • remove turf from raised lawn and lay flat natural stone winding path, gravel and rocks
  • design and construct a small Japanese style tea house as seating area
  • place handrails and open fencing along the raised lawn edges with wood or bamboo
  • construct a Tori gate style arch over the stone steps to the raised lawn
  • construct a Japanese style entry gate to the garden at the east side of the annexe

The Woodland garden: Beyond the greenhouse on the south side is an open area that leads into woodland

  • construct wooden steps along the sloping path through the trees
  • construct and place a bench on left side of the path
  • construct a clapper style gate at entry to the woodland

The Cottage Garden: On the front of the Annexe is a North facing concrete dais for potted plants

For a complete  record of the landscaping as the designs take place ~ SEE HERE